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Upcoming Events: Conductor Mark Gorenstein and Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

In March 2011, Japan experienced the most destructive earthquake in
the history of the country.
At the same time, the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia
named after E. Svetlanov was intensely preparing for the first time
after 14 (!) years for the Japanese tour.Mark Gorenstein, as artistic
director and chief conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra, in spite
of all the difficulties associated with the forthcoming tour, was the
most active supporter of the implementation of the trip. The grounds
were more than significant: to renew the tradition of regular (every 2
years) touring Japan, interrupted by 14 years of the sad "famous"
stories with the departure of the great E. Svetlanov from the
orchestra, the desire to demonstrate the outstanding skills of the
new orchestra. Gorenstein practically reconstructed it from the ruins,
to show off the players of the orchestra and a great desire to show
to the Japanese that in Russia there are a lot of ordinary people,
not in words, are willing to help in overcoming the consequences of
the terrible tragedy.
State Orchestra became the first Russian team to visit Japan after the
appalling tragedy. Crowded halls, enthusiastic critics, a huge success
once again confirmed that the implementation of this tour was
absolutely the right choice.
Since then, almost every year, Mark Gorenstein arrives in Japan. The
last concert took place on January 31, 2015 with the Tokyo Symphony
Orchestra (TOKYO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA), and went to a great success. As
a continuation of the cooperation with the orchestra in December of
this year the Maestro will conduct two subscription concerts in the
most prestigious and famous halls of the Japanese capital: Muza
program will include works by outstanding Russian composers Modest
Mussorgsky, Sergey Rachmaninov and Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky. The
soloist is the pianist Sergei Kasprov.
We are confident that the fans of classical music of the Japanese
capital, willing to visit these concerts, will experience an
incredible pleasure of meeting with wonderful Russian performers.
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